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NMR metabolic biomarkers generated by Nightingale Health.

The first tranche of 249 metabolic biomarkers is available for EDTA plasma samples from approx 120,000 UK Biobank participants.

Metabolic biomarkers were measured from randomly selected EDTA plasma samples (aliquot 3) using a high-throughput NMR-based metabolic biomarker profiling platform developed by Nightingale Health Ltd. The measurements took place between June 2019 and April 2020 using six spectrometers at Nightingale Health, based in Finland. The biomarkers span multiple metabolic pathways, including lipoprotein lipids in 14 subclasses, fatty acids and fatty acid compositions, as well as various low-molecular weight metabolites, such as amino acids, ketone bodies, and glycolysis metabolites quantified in molar concentration units.