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Task functional MRI (tfMRI) uses the same measurement technique as resting-state fMRI (Category 111), while the subject performs a particular task or experiences a sensory stimulus. Derived phenotypic fields relate to the strength of response to the specific task (or a specific component of a more complex cognitive process) within a given anatomical brain region. The task used in Biobank was chosen to engage a range of high-level cognitive systems.

The task is the Hariri faces/shapes "emotion" task [Hariri et al., 2002, Barch et al., 2013], as implemented in the Human Connectome Project (HCP), but with shorter overall duration and hence fewer total stimulus block repeats. The participants are presented with blocks of trials and asked to decide either which of two faces presented on the bottom of the screen match the face at the top of the screen, or which of two shapes presented at the bottom of the screen match the shape at the top of the screen. The faces have either angry or fearful expressions. The ePrime script that controls the video presented to the participant is derived from the one used by the HCP, and is available under the Resources tab.