Category 100049
Assessment centrePhysical measures ⏵ Hearing test


This category contains data from an automated hearing (speech-in-noise) test that was performed using the touchscreen system. The hearing test assesses hearing thresholds at different pitches by testing how well the participant can hear three spoken numbers (a triplet) played with a rushing noise in the background (i.e. a test between relative levels of signal and noise).

For each triplet played, data are available on the content of the triplet, the signal to noise ratio of the triplet, the triplet noise level, the time that the participant entered the first and last digits, the value of the number entered, whether it was correct, and the number of triplets attempted. For each test, data are available on which ear(s) were tested, the date and time the test was performed, the volume level set by the user, and whether the test was completed.

For non-specialists, the primary items of interest are Field 20019 and Field 20021, which can be considered the final hearing test results (for each ear).