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Genotype calls (based on genotyping array measurements) and related measurements. The genotypes are aligned to the + strand of the reference and positions are in GRCh37 coordinates.

The fields listed here are indicators and adding them to an Application basket will allow researchers to download the corresponding underlying information from the UKB repository. This information includes

Marker quality control (QC) and Sample QC information, including population structure (see Relatedness in the Notes below) is also available. Intensity and SNP posteriors are available for cluster plotting. B-allele frequency and log2ratio are available for CNV analysis.

The lists of SNPs in the Genotype datasets can be downloaded from the Field's Resources tabs on a per-chromosome basis or as a combined tar in Resource 1963.

Researchers who want only a few specific genotyped SNPs (rather than the whole-chromosome datasets below) may, once logged in, request them either by identiyfing them individually using the Genomics Search function or by entering their Affy IDs directly using the List Actions tab of the Basket screen.

See Resource 530 for additional information, including a citable reference for publications.