Category 100007
Assessment centrePhysical measures ⏵ Arterial stiffness


This category contains data on arterial stiffness (vascular reactivity) using the pulse waveform obtained at the finger with an infra-red sensor (PulseTrace PCA2, CareFusion, USA). The shape of the volume waveform in the finger is directly related to the time it takes for the pulse waves to travel through the arterial tree in the lower body, and to be reflected back to the finger. The time between peaks of the waveform (the peak-to-peak time; PPT) is divided into the person's height to obtain the Stiffness Index (SI). Blood pressure was also recorded. Measurement is made by clipping the device to a finger; the reading is made over 10-15 seconds. These measures were introduced to the Assessment Centre towards the end of recruitment.