Category 100092
Health-related outcomes ⏵ Cancer register


This category contains coded data on cancer incidence (International Classification of Diseases [ICD]), obtained through linkage to national cancer registries.

National cancer registries centralise information received from separate regional cancer centres around the UK. The completeness of follow-up can vary between cancer registries and this should be considered in analyses when determining dates of complete follow-up for censoring purposes. Because data is continually accruing, please be aware that the follow-up time and number of cases presented in the Health Outcomes report may vary from the data sent out to researchers.

While we have attempted to provide meanings for all codes supplied here, there has been no detailed data cleaning. For example, there are a small number of participants with apparent duplicate data (i.e. diagnosed with the same cancer type on the same date, or shortly thereafter) and we have made no attempt to remove these (or any other oddities from the data). The Cancer Outcomes Working Group is preparing a more refined dataset for cancer outcomes, which will be available in due course.

Researchers should review the cancer registry information page on Essential Information for more information on anomalies in the cancer registry data.