Category 100030
Assessment centreCognitive function ⏵ Pairs matching


This category contains data on 'pairs' matching tests. Participants are asked to memorise the position of as many matching pairs of cards as possible. The cards are then turned face down on the screen and the participant is asked to touch as many pairs as possible in the fewest tries.

Multiple rounds were conducted. The first round used 3 pairs of cards and the second 6 pairs of cards. In the pilot phase an additional (i.e. third) round was conducted using 6 pairs of cards, which was subsequently dropped from the main study as it was thought the extra set of results were very similar to the second. However, this decision was reversed by the time of the imaging assessments, so that a third round was presented only if the participant made 2 errors or fewer on the second round.

This category includes data on the number of columns (i.e. 3 or 4), number of rows (i.e. 2 or 3) and the number of correct and incorrect matches. For non-specialists, the primary items of interest are Field 399 and (for the pilot) Field 10137.

This measure was also performed online in Category 117.