Category 120
Online follow-upCognitive function online ⏵ Numeric memory


This category contains data on a test designed to assess numeric short-term memory, as part of the touchscreen questionnaire. The participant was shown a 2-digit number to remember. The number then disappeared and after a short while they were asked to enter the number onto the screen. The number became one digit longer each time they remembered correctly (up to a maximum of 12 digits). Data collected include the number of digits and value of the number, the length of time the number was displayed, the time that the participant first entered and last entered a digit, the time taken to complete the test, the value of the number entered by the participant, whether or not the participant was correct, the maximum number of digits remembered, and whether the test was completed. This test is available for a subset of participants.

This measure was also performed in clinics using a touchscreen in Category 100029.