Category 116
Online follow-up ⏵ Cognitive function online


Several of the cognitive function tests administered via touchscreen during the initial assessment visit were re-implemented as web-based questionnaires and participants were invited to complete them remotely. Two additional tests were also included.

The order of the tests was

  1. Device and Mood
  2. Fluid intelligence
  3. Trail making
  4. Symbol digit substitution
  5. Pairs matching
  6. Numeric memory

Because it was possible to complete the modules over a number of sessions the Device/Mood questions were asked at the beginning of each online session. Hence some people will have multiple sets of answers for Device/Mood and these can be related to their answer to the other modules by comparing their entry timestamps.

A reaction time test was also performed however the results were felt to be of insufficient quality to present due to inconsistencies in the timing routines of the various browsers and devices used by participants to perform the test.