Category 2384
XNAT image package


XNAT ( is a user-friendly management tool designed to facilitate access to, and analysis of, images and associated phenotype data.

A bespoke customised version has been developed by DPUK which includes an adapter for accessing images stored in the UK Biobank image store. This tool provides an intuitive user interface to access and to develop and run analysis pipelines against the image data available at UK Biobank (subject to user being an approved UK Biobank Applicant). Access to the XNAT Data Management tool (which is not part of UK Biobank) can be requested via the URL

This category groups together a set of demographics and image fields that are a pre-requisite when using the XNAT data management tool.

Note that Field 20216 (T1 structural brain images - DICOM) is suitable for XNAT also, but due to the sensitive nature of this field it will only be supplied to researchers when absolutely necessary and is therefore not included in this category (it can however be requested if appropriate justification is given). The NIFTI alternative Field 20252 is however included.