Category 2006
Health-related outcomesHospital inpatient ⏵ Record-level access


The record-level hospital inpatient data consists of seven interrelated database tables: HESIN, HESIN_DIAG, HESIN_OPER, HESIN_CRITICAL, HESIN_PSYCH, HESIN_MATERNITY and HESIN_DELIVERY. These are explained in detail in the overview of the Inpatient data (Resource 138483) and the Hospital Inpatient Data Dictionary (Resource 141140) located in the Resources tab of Category 2000.

Due to its size and complexity the record-level inpatient data is accessed via the online Data Portal (via a project's Download page). Access is granted on a table-by-table basis. To gain access to a record-level table, add the relevant field to a basket and access will be granted when the data release is approved. For example, adding Field 41259 (Records in HES inpatient main dataset) to a researcher basket will provide access to the table HESIN (the main table regarding inpatient admissions).

Fields from within this category will also appear in the standard UK Biobank dataset, however these will simply consist of counts of the number of rows within the relevant table for each participant.