Help : Tabulation

Tabulations are plots showing the distribution of participant characteristics across 2 or 3 data fields simultaneously. They are only available to registered researchers who are logged into the UK Biobank system.

Due to the large number of possible data field combinations, tabulations are only produced upon request. Certain data fields, or combinations thereof, cannot be requested - for instance categorical fields containing thousands of categories or blob values. Prior to release, all requests are reviewed by the UK Biobank statistical team to ensure the results are meaningful and cannot compromise participant confidentiality - any problematic requests will not be fulfilled.

Note that the totals in tabulation plots may not match the totals for the individual fields within them. This occurs because the various summary statistics are not all updated simultaneously and participants may withdraw or data may change between the calculations. In addition, values are shown as "<10" when they are between 1 and 9 to avoid problems of identification.

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