Help : Search

Search allows user to find information within the showcase repository based on the text used to describe the contents. It is able to find several different types of information:

Results are ranked according to the goodness of the match, so that results from text containing an exact search term appear higher than partial matches. For instance, if work was searched for, then the title "Work history" would appear above "Working age".

Entering a purely numeric value will find items which have that as their ID. Thus entering 31 and searching for Data-Fields would return Data-Field 31 as the highest match.

To search for a phrase which includes spaces, surround the phrase with quotation marks. For example "day of the week" would only find items matching the entire four-word combination and not items which (e.g.) only contained week.

When multiple search terms are entered, results are ranked higher according to the number of terms they include.

To find genetic information use the Genomic Search function.

For additional information: Search contents , see Glossary or download User Guide.

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