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Baseline assessment data collection

Pilot Phase of baseline assessmentMarch - June 2006
  • UK Biobank Pilot Assessment
Main Phase of baseline assessment Initial data collection starts April 2007
  • The first assessment centre of the main study opens. It includes:
    • a touchscreen questionnaire,
    • a range of physical measures, and
    • collection of biological samples.
Additional measures incorporated April 2009
  • Touchscreen Questionnaire: Hearing test; Cognitive function tests

  • Physical measures: Heel ultrasound (both heels, previously just one); Arterial stiffness

  • 24-hour recall diet questionnaire

August 2009
  • Physical measures: Eye measures (visual acuity, autorefraction, intraoccular pressure)

  • Blood collection: RNA blood sample; saliva sample

December 2009
  • Physical measures: Eye measures (Optical Coherence Tomography)

  • Exercise test/ECG

End of baseline assessmentJuly 2010
  • Recruitment to UK Biobank ends
Baseline data made availableMarch 2012
  • The UK Biobank Resource is launched

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