Update of HES Data - September 2019

Changes to the structure of the data

The structure of the Hospital Inpatient Data, as accessed via the Data Portal, has been changed in the latest Showcase Update.

Details of the new structure can be found in the Hospital Inpatient Data Dictionary (Resource 141140) in Category 2000.

There is however almost no new data available (see below), and so researchers who have already downloaded Hospital Inpatient data are unlikely to find it worth their while to download it again this time around. The changes we have made are in preparation for a more substantial update in the future.

The Data Portal has also been modified to make downloading complete tables easier (via the Table Download tab). Please see the Accessing UK Biobank Data guide for details:  Accessing data guide.

A summary of the main changes that have been made are:

Some issues we have noted in the data related to birth records

A number of issues have come to our attention regarding birth records (on hesin_delivery and hesin_birth).

We hope to correct the second two anomalies in the next release, but for the moment we recommend researchers proceed with caution when working with these records, and use other supporting information such as whether other relevant fields have known values, the value of the epitype field, the ICD-10 codes for the episode and information contained within nearby or coincident hospital episodes to determine whether a particular hesin_birth record genuinely indicates a real birth.

These records can also be cross-referenced against information on self-reported births contained in fields in category 100069.

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