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Data for COVID-19 research


UK Biobank are now receiving COVID-19 test data for UK Biobank participants, as well as primary care (GP) data specifically for use in COVID-19 research. Any COVID-19 related research can be done under an existing MTA for an approved project, with no changes or additional fees.

In addition, we are making more frequent updates of death and hospital inpatient data (including critical care admissions) on the Data Portal. See the timelines page for details of the most recent data made available. For information on date ranges of linked health data, please see the Data providers and dates page.

The release of the new primary care (GP) data are subject to the Control of Patient Information (COPI) regulations and can only be used for research related to COVID-19. The other datasets are under no such restrictions and can be used for all health research purposes that are in the public interest.

Note that UK Biobank has previously released primary care (GP) data for approximately 45% of the cohort (see Category 3000) which is not restricted to COVID-19 research. However, this data is not as up-to-date as the COVID-19 data; see the Data providers and dates page for further information about the date coverage of each type of linked health data.

All research outputs (which includes publications and other results posted on social media) that use these special datasets should be sent to UK Biobank prior to public release, so that we are fully aware of any media interest. Researchers should also ensure that the communications teams within their own institutes are aware of the work and that they inform UK Biobank of any PR they are planning. (

Available on the Data Portal

Type of data Geographical coverage Data provider(s) Table name(s) Notes
COVID-19 test results England
Public Health England
Public Health Scotland
See COVID-19 test page for further information.
COVID-19 miscellaneous England, Scotland & Wales UK Biobank covid19_misc This table gives participants' blood group extracted from imputed genotyped data (Field 23165). This table was added in July 2020 as a result of the suggestion that blood group may affect COVID-19 outcomes.
Death Register England, Scotland & Wales NHS Digital and NHS Central Register (NHSCR), part of the National Records of Scotland death
See Resource 115559 for details of the structure of the tables.
Hospital inpatient data England
NHS Digital
Public Health Scotland
See Resource 138483 for details of the structure of the tables and Resource 141140 for the hospital inpatient data dictionary.

Note that although inpatient data is available for Wales, data is not yet available for the last few years. See here for details.
Primary care (GP) data England TPP
See Resource 3151 for details. As per the COPI regulations, this data can only be used for COVID-19 research. Additional reference information for numeric values in TPP's clinical data is available in Resource 951.

Details about timelines for future data releases can be found on the provisional timeline for future data availability page.

Gaining access to data for COVID-19 research

Researchers can gain access to inpatient, death & COVID-19 test result data by adding appropriate Showcase fields to a basket. See Category 2000 (inpatient), Category 100093 (death) and Field 40100 (test results) for details.

In order to gain access to the COVID-19 GP tables, please contact the Access Management Team (AMT). Permission will need to be granted for you to be able add the relevant fields from Category 999 into a basket, and thus gain access to the tables.

Using the Data Portal

Guidance on how to access the Data Portal, either to download tables or to query tables using SQL, can be found in the Accessing data guide in section 5.1.

Specific examples of SQL queries for each type of linked health data can be found in: Resource 138483 (Appendix B) for the hospital inpatient data, Resource 115559 (section 3.4.2) for the death data & Resource 3151 (Section 6.2) for the COVID-19 primary care (GP) data.

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