Resource 2077
Name:UKBiLEVE GWAS results

GWAS results returned by the UKBiLEVE project. Data included (as columns) comprises:

  1. rsid - either the dbSNP rs id of SNPs and indels, dbVar esv id of structural variants, Affx-xxxxx id for variants on the Affymetrix array without an rs id or chrN:position format for variants in the imputation panel without an rs id.
  2. chromosome - Plink-coding chromosome number: autosomes 1-22; 23=X-chromosome; 24=Y chromosome; 25=X-chromosome pseudo-autosomal region; 26=Mitochondria.
  3. position - b37 position
  4. nonref_allele - non-coded allele
  5. ref_allele - coded/effect allele
  6. minor_allele - minor allele
  7. info - imputation quality (see below)
  8. MAF_% - minor allele frequency as a percentage
  9. MAC - minor allele count (non-integer reflects imputation uncertainty)
  10. beta - SNPTEST effect estimate (log odds ratio)
  11. se - SNPTEST standard error
  12. P - SNPTEST score test P-value
  13. se_gc - SNPTEST standard error after genomic control
  14. P_gc - SNPTEST score test P-value after genomic control
  15. P_Firth - EPACTS Firth test P-value without genomic control; only calculated for rare variants

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