Resource 1007
Name:SNP posterior BIM for Chromosome X

Affymetrix call diploid (chr1-22, XY SNPs) and haploid (chrY, chrMT SNPs) SNPs differently. On chrX females are diploid and males are haploid giving two sets of parameters per SNP per batch. In the .bin snp-posterior chrX file, for each SNP the diploid and then the haploid snp-posteriors are given consecutively. The order of the SNPs is given in the BIM files, the haploid SNPs on chrX are appended with ":1" following Affymetrix notation. The snp-posterior BIM files for chr1-22,Y,XY,MT are the same as the calls, but the chrX snp-posterior BIM file has twice as many lines. This resource is the BIM file for chromosome X which should be used with the corresponding SNP posterior data.

This resource is not suitable for displaying within a web-browser.
It can be downloaded or viewed using the link: ukb_snp_posterior_chrX_haploid.bim

If you have wget available (typically on linux systems), then you can also obtain a copy using the command

 wget  -nd