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Critical Care data - September 2020

The Critical Care data

The Critical Care data is part of the hospital inpatient data in Category 2000 and consists an additional table, HESIN_CRITICAL, on the Data Portal which links to hospital inpatient episodes on the main HESIN table. The data contains information on any stays in critical care units in England by UK Biobank participants.

It consists of the following:

The Critical Care data mainly covers admissions from April 2011 onwards, but there are a small number of records prior to that date (as far back as 2008).

Further information can be found in the Inpatient Data Dictionary, Resource 141140, in Category 2000. The NHS Digital HES Data Dictionary page also provides additional information.

At present the data is only available for England, but in due course we hope to have comparable data for Wales and Scotland.

Accessing the Critical Care data

Those researchers who have requested COVID-19 hospital data on AMS (i.e. by pressing the "COVID-19" button on their project and selecting "Hospitalisation data" from the options) will automatically gain access to the HESIN_CRITICAL table.

Other researchers who are not undertaking COVID-19 research but who would like access to the HESIN_CRITICAL table can do so by submitting a request for additional data through Showcase in the usual way. Adding Field 41290 (Records in HES inpatient critical care dataset) to a basket will provide access to the table on the Data Portal.

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